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Situation - Access plan - Where to park ?

All roads lead to Double AA Guest House Factory.
 If it's a popular belief to say that all roads lead to Rome, it's nevertheless certain that many of them will lead you without any difficulty to us.
Our Address: 68 Auguste Ganiayre Street - 06700 St. Lawrence du Var 

  • The General Leclerc Avenue that will take you to us:

orpi 6.JPG
orpi 2.JPG
  • On your left Jules Michel Street that you will to go further up

orpi tourner.JPG
jules michel milieu.JPG
  • To arrive on the Avenue des Plans - On your right, in front of you, Auguste Ganiayre Street

jules michel en haut.JPG
rue des plans on tourne.JPG
rue auguste ganiayre.JPG
  • The Auguste Ganiayre Street that you will go up to No. 68

  • to get to the entrance to our property at No. 68 Auguste Ganiayre Street

Where to park:
Cars must be parked outside our property along Jules Michel Street and/or Avenue des Plans. (yellow on the map) You can still ride your car on Auguste Ganiayre Street to drop off your luggage or groceries. Beware, the entrance on Auguste Ganiayre Street is quite narrow, do not hesitate to do it several times.

plan parking 2.jpg
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